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About Nose Work

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What is Nose Work?

Nose Work is a fun activity you can engage in together with your dog. The goal is to teach your dog to find “hides”.

In Sweden we work with hydrolates, a liquid based scent of either eucalyptus, bayleaf or lavender depending on which level you are at.

Nose Work is also an official sport in Sweden which means you can gain official results when you compete. In competition we have 3 classes and each class adds more complexity.

We compete in four different setups:

  • Containers
  • Indoors
  • Outdoors
  • Vehicle

Each setup will be explained separately if you want to know more about these.

Also we are launching a new online beginners course in Nose Work. If you are interested, stay tuned for information on how you can sign up to the course. You can also sign up to our mailing list to ensure you don’t miss out on any new fun news from us.

I can also suggest you visit our video repository where we have videos for inspiration and information.


New Online "Nose Work for beginners" course coming soon!

New Online "Nose Work for beginners" course coming soon!

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