I’m David Svennelid

canine coach and behaviourist

Nose work is my passion for both trainers and dogs.

Nose Work for the beginner

Are you curious about Nose Work? Let me explain more.

Nose Work for the initiated

Already into Nose Work and want to expand your knowledge?

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock your full potential.
Say hello to the new you

I believe in a holistic approach to success.
You need to be in the right frame of mind, so does your dog.
How can we setup you and your best friend for success?
What are your weaknesses to turn into strengths?
What exercises should you concentrate on?

What tools do you need to succeed?

Are you and your dog in sync with each other?

What skills do you need to work on?

How can you keep Nose Work fun and still aim for the stars?

Goal Setting

Sniff out reachable goals for
you and your dog.

Relationship Coaching

Build an A1 relationship with your dog, perfect for dog sports.

Stress Management

In all competitions nerves and stress can get the better of us. Let me help.

Career in Nose Work

If you are interested in becoming a Nose Work instructor, look no further. 

About Me

I am a canine behaviourist based in south of Sweden. I work full-time with dogs in different ways, mainly as an instructor and tutor. I run several classes a week ranging from puppy classes to everyday obedience as well as agility and of course Nose Work.

Additionally I run Vårdhundskolan where we educate people who work as a care dog team in hospitals, care homes or schools. We have certified teams all over Sweden educated in the field following a SiS standard set by the Swedish institute of Standards.

Nose Work caught my eye several years ago when I saw the benefits for both handlers and dogs learning this fun activity. Because that’s just it, Nose Work is fun! In fact so much fun that Nose Work is the world’s fastest growing dog sport. I am pleased to be part of this fantastic world.

Online Resources

Video Material

By watching different videos you can expand your knowledge in several areas in Nose Work.

Enroll on an online course

We offer courses in different levels and subjects related to Nose Work. Join us for some fun education.


Prefer Real life Coaching

We also run several classes and workshops at our Canine Center in Sweden as well as on other places. To book us or find out where we are and when, look no further.

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New Online "Nose Work for beginners" course coming soon!

New Online "Nose Work for beginners" course coming soon!

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