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About David Svennelid

I am a canine behaviourist based in south of Sweden. I work full-time with dogs in different ways, mainly as an instructor and tutor. I run several classes a week ranging from puppy classes to everyday obedience as well as agility and of course Nose Work.

Additionally I run Vårdhundskolan where we educate people who work as a care dog team in hospitals, care homes or schools. We have certified teams all over Sweden educated in the field following a SiS standard set by the Swedish institute of Standards.

Nose Work caught my eye several years ago when I saw the benefits for both handlers and dogs learning this fun activity. Because that’s just it, Nose Work is fun! In fact so much fun that Nose Work is the world’s fastest growing dog sport. I am pleased to be part of this fantastic world.

Below you find information about some of the organisations I am affiliated with.

International Canine Behaviourists

ICB provides continuing education for professional canine behaviourists and supports members in their career choice, while at the same time offering advice to dog owners to help overcome unwanted behaviours. ICB prides itself on having members who have an abundance of ‘hands on’ experience, theoretical knowledge and academic qualifications, and who are committed to using force-free scientifically proven methods of behaviour modification.

International Companion Animal Network

ICAN was founded by a group of prominent organisations and education providers who use and recommend purely force-free methods. We formed in order to meet the profound need for solidarity, mutual support, communication and cooperation between professionals working in the animal behaviour and training realm.

Svenska Nose Work Klubben

SNWK is the swedish organisation for the official sport of nose work. On top of having the responsibility for the official rules, judges and competitions, SNWK also certifies instructors in nose work.


tillbaka 2023!

Nose Work läger i skåne!

New Online "Nose Work for beginners" course coming soon!

New Online "Nose Work for beginners" course coming soon!

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